Various Slave To The Power: A Tribute To Iron Maiden

There is absolutely no denying the importance Iron Maiden has had on heavy music. They are one of a handful that helped shape the direction in that metal has travelled, and to ignore their influence is foolish. While Meteorcity made their name primarily though releasing "stoner rock," the imprint has assembled a wide range of power and doom metal bands, and have kicked in a few punkers for good measure, too. There are a few bands (Ian Perry and Kamelot, Wardog) who are a little too over dramatic for my liking, but the songs that are good on here are amazing. Sebastian Bach (yes, that one) displays one of his best vocal performances ever on "Children of the Damned," while virtual unknown bands such as the Chilean-based Fates Prophecy ("Wasted Years") and Pharaoh ("Revelations") do such a great job that I think I'm going to have to go look for their own releases. Other things worth mentioning about the comp: Toronto's own Tchort show up with a cool, slowed down version of "Number of the Beast" (including a Russian introduction) and NJ punkers Electric Frankenstein do a rocking take on "Aces High." If ya like Maiden, do yourself a favour and check this two-CD set out. (Meteorcity)