Various Sick Of It All: Our Impact Will Be Felt

Celebrating the 20-year anniversary of NYHC pioneers Sick of it All, Abacus delivers tribute effort Our Impact Will Be Felt. Bringing together an enjoyable but not altogether surprising cast of characters, we find the likes of Rise Against, the Bouncing Souls, Sepultura, Madball, Bane, Hatebreed and more re-imagining classic SOIA tracks such as "Built To Last,” "Good Looking Out,” "Friends Like You,” "My Life” and so on. As far as tribute albums go, Our Impact Will Be Felt is surprisingly strong, in context. Reinvention is left only up to those who truly understand the thick backbone and hot aggression of the original tracks, even if few here fully match their imposing power and dominance. But that’s expected because after all, when was the last time a tribute equalled the impact of the artist(s) it honours? Still, the diverse reference to SOIA’s lengthy catalogue is admirably broad and even if one feels this to be little more than a middle-of-the-road homage, it is still respect well due. SOIA are one of few in the genre who have actually managed to stay together for a whole two decades, varying just enough to remain cutting edge without losing their core. Hell, even brothers in arms Agnostic Front (now more metal than hardcore) suffered downtime as the genre deflated in the early ’90s. Sincere and bold, Our Impact Will Be Felt delivers genuine respect for its deserving subject. (Abacus)