Various Shout! The Revolution Rave-Up Alive 1997-2003

Trying to keep club nights afloat is always a difficult task, especially when they’re dedicated to rock’n’roll. New York City’s Shout! has been alight every Sunday at Bar 13 for the last six years. Shout! The Revolution Rave-Up Alive 1997-2003 is its soundtrack and a worthy example of the night’s good times. Featuring 13 of today’s top underground garage bands, Shout! has made one wallop of an album that covers all bases and never hits a low point. Even though most of the songs are already available on albums by the bands, it still makes for a comprehensive listen and a fine introduction to someone just getting into this music. The main players on the scene are all present, such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ("Screaming Gun”), the Greenhornes ("Good Times”), the Hiss ("Riverbed”) and the Warlocks ("Hurricane Heart Attack”). Other established bands like Calla, the Boggs and Dead Meadow also make an appearance, even though they don’t exactly fall under the same category, but they do a nice job of fitting in. Marvellously put together with colourful artwork, this compilation is a hotbed for what’s cool. (Kemado)