Various Shoe Fetish: A Tribute To Shoes

Shoe Fetish: A Tribute To Shoes is very much a tribute. It is obvious that all the artists here have actually been influenced or affected by Shoes' music in one way or another and you can actually hear that in their performances. Shoes have been around since 1975, and there is a wealth of material to choose from. There isn't a whole lot to pick from between the performances: people like Matthew Sweet and Sparkle*Jets UK do their usual excellent job and so do some of the lesser known folks like the Spongetones and Big Hello. The one thing they all have in common is that nobody moves too far from the original; after all, why mess with a good thing? If you've even a passing interest in power-pop, this is a joyous celebration of this influential band. You might even feel the urge to search out some of the originals too. (Parasol)