Various Sepulchral Feast: A Tribute to Sepultura

Looks like Black Sun Records managed to somehow release a Sepultura tribute album before the unfortunate Dwell Records got around to it. Either way, this album wasn't needed. Sepultura is a band that deserves a tribute, but for crying out loud, isn't everyone sick of them? This compilation, originally released three years ago and now re-released by Century Media, offers 14 bands playing the songs 100 percent identical to the originals, and one band, Children of Bodom, who actually make the song their own. During Slavestate's cover of "Roots Bloody Roots," I actually zoned out and thought I was listening to the original. While some people may take that as a compliment, I take it as a waste of time. The compilation is a neat listen in one way: the songs are placed in chronological order, which makes for a good daydreaming session about how awesome Sepultura really are. (Century Media)