Various Saqsaywaman

A debut release on Attic, featuring a deep house mix by DJ Paul West. The tracks on this compilation sound more like instrumental arrangements than produced tracks. House generally has tech elements to it but for Saqsaywaman only the beats could be described as such. The first track, "Wet Wool," by Shelltoe, has a rich acoustic bass line that is a perfect lead in to these tracks, or songs, made up of flute, trumpet, keyboards and saxophone sounds. The most notable movements on Saqsaywaman are "Minimum Voyage," by Julius Papp, and featuring Roger Glenn, which reminded me of Frankie Knuckles' classic "The Whistle Song." Nick Holder's "Da Sambafrique," already a club classic, is comprised of a jazzy keyboard loops, and "Afro-Cuban High," by Underground Evolution, which simulates the tripped-out state via the foggy, echo, reverb-y sound. Although Paul West's mixing techniques aren't the most creative, his track selections are superb. (Nuff)