Various Sample This Too!

BYO Records has been in the business of releasing premiere punk rock compilations since 1981 and, with this in mind, it is no wonder Sample This Too! rocks like one mean-ass bitch. Right from the start this compilation is ripped wide open with the supercharged sounds of the Bouncing Souls, who dish out an audio sucker-punch with "No Security." From there the punk mayhem continues with the soap and spikes sounds of the Unseen, and a dose of bitter truth, compliments of Youth Brigade and their new track "No Difference." Without letting up, Sample This Too! keeps the furious momentum going with the likes of Pistol Grip, One Man Army, Anti-Flag, Sixer, Manifesto Jukebox, Leatherface, NOFX and Rancid. Moreover, Manic Hispanic's take on the Damned's "Melody Lee," entitled "Lupe I'm Free," is an instant classic to go along with any bottle of tequila on a hot summer's night. (BYO)