Various Sacramento Scene Report

The latest in TKO Records’ Scene Report series, this disc puts to shame Boston, whose own Scene Report disc was an uneven and far less listenable collection. More varied and more rocking, this compilation follows the same format of two songs from five bands, who (according to TKO) represent the best that scene has to offer. With the Boston release, it was hard to imagine that this truly was the best, however, with the killer opening of Whiskey Rebels’ "Yolo Bus Blues,” it’s hard to picture anything much better. A melodic hardcore band in the style of the Business, Whiskey Rebels steal the show on this disc, with two songs that make you want to raise your fist in the air and sing along. Pressure Point offer a more hardcore sound, with a little less melody and a lot more aggression. Killing The Dream offer the hardest material in this collection, sounding an awful lot like Comeback Kid. The Secretions add some rockabilly flavour to the release, while the Roustabouts play in the same style as Canadian punk icons NoMeansNo. (TKO)