Various Round Black Ghosts Volume 2

Stefan Betke (aka Pole) has diversified his approach to music in the last few years. Ice cold dub still flows through his veins but his exacting approach to sonic construction has led him to other rhythms, new collaborations and a thriving career as a mastering engineer. As a prime mover behind Scape, he's ensured the label's continued high quality. Round Black Ghosts Volume 2 follows up on the enthusiastic reception to the label's initial collection of dubstep meets techno that came out a couple of years ago. This second volume is also a winner. Featuring great producers such as Appleblim, Martyn and Scuba, the deliberate pace that has always characterized Scape stuff is well articulated via wobbly bass and digital one-drop approximations. Pole's contribution doesn't live up to the rest of the material however, sounding like he's not yet mastered the form he's investigating. That is more than offset by Kode9's ultra-bangin' "Den Of Drumz" remix of Badawi, one of my favourite tracks in any genre from the last few years, and one that breaks the dream-like spell this compilation casts. (Scape)