Various Rock-And-Roll Au Go Go Volume 6

Rock-N-Roll Au Go Go is a compilation of punk rock'n'roll in the spirit of the Fistful of Rock and Roll series. Heck, Sal Canzonieri from Electric Frankenstein, who did the liner notes for the Fistful... stuff, even does a brief write-up on each band here. The main difference between these two series is that here we get two songs each from four bands and Fistful... just had one song each from a whole mess of 'em. The Peepshows get things off to a pretty solid start with what can now officially be called the "classic" Scandinavian rock sound on "On My Own." Next up are Musclecar, from Australia, who've got that gruff and slightly metallic Peter Pan thing going on with their mid-tempo crusher "Cruisin' For a Bruisin'." The rubbiest band of the lot is 69 Charger, who sport the most hardcore and least produced sound with "Love Potion 69." Hellride are yet another Viking-type metal/punk band and their "My Bitch" is competent, yet generic. If this is the cream of the crop of the current hard rocking punk scene, I'd have to say things are looking a little on the grim side. These new bands are just aping the better ones that spearheaded the recent revival (i.e., Nashville Pussy, Hookers, Hellacopters, Turbonegro, etc.), instead of finding their sound. That, kiddies, is how musical movements get stale and die off. (Devil Doll)