Various Richard Dorfmeister presents … A Different Drummer

Unlike his Kruder-free side-project Tosca, Rich Dorfmeister had pretty much nothing to do with this compilation of tracks from UK Dub imprint Different Drummer — aside from digging the tunes. Which is pretty easy to do, actually. This label overview is filled with immensely smoked-out tracks as informed by London clubs as they are Kingston studios. The echo and reverb are, at times, almost too precise, demonstrating a premeditation that one rarely senses during the weirdo workouts by the likes of Lee "Scratch” Perry. The tracks do, however, evoke a sense of now. This down-tempo collection is perfect chill out room fodder, meant to soundtrack impressionistic slo-mo dancing and neurotic joint rolling. And if it takes Dorfmeister’s name brand to move copies, then so be it. (Fusion III)