Various The Return of Rockabilly

The Return of Rockabilly is a compilation of 11 modern rockabilly bands doing 14 songs in total. All the tracks feature the signature tools of rockabilly, including the slap-echo vocal with lyrics concerning girls, cars and letting loose on a Saturday night. The Belmont Playboys combine all these key ingredients to maximum effect in their song “Runnin’ Wild,” with the lyric “…Whiskey bottle sitting right between her thighs, I’m a gear jammin’ daddy on a hell bound ride.” Other strong tracks include, “Red Bandana” by Fishnet Stockings, “Are You Ready To Rumble” by Mac Curtis and “Hey Hey We’re Gonna Rock It” by The Big Six. It’s the Amazing Royal Crowns, however, who stand out the most with their horn section, slick hiccup vocals and generally energised performance on “Do The Devil.” The cover artwork is a pretty cool, scratchy, tattoo-art inspired illustration that captures the mood of the record. (Beloved)