Various Rasco Presents 20,000 Leagues Under The Street - Volume 1

Rugged Bay Area MC continues his power moves with this compilation spotlighting new and emerging talent from his neck of the woods. By their standards, the contributions from Rasco and his Cali Agents partner Planet Asia aren't quite up to snuff, but there's more than enough other material to warrant attention. Encore displays slick mechanics on "Unpredictable," while Phil Da Agony, who's been making a name for himself with a host of cameo appearances, contributes the zany "Gold Medalist," ensuring a heightened buzz around his upcoming EP. Zion I display a harder edge than what is explored on their excellent Mind Over Matter with "Keep It Tight" and Planet Asia's multi-tasking manager and producer in his own right, 427, delivers the impressive closing track, "Thank You." Rasco's selections provides further evidence of his area's seemingly endless pool of talent. (Nu Gruv)