Various Psychotrance 2002

Psychotrance 2002: Hard Trance Anthems Mixed By DJ Brian You would think it difficult to follow in the footsteps of the likes of D-Fuse, who inspired the reinstatement of the Psychotrance series and mixed both the 2000 and 2001 versions. But, in this eighth instalment of the series, DJ Brian holds fasts and brings his own definite flavour to the floor. A member of the legendary Moontribe since 1995, and with three previous Moonshine releases, his unique blend of deep acid house, progressive, techno and hard trance is an experience of sheer light and an aural flood. The mix contains several of his own tracks, "Blue Vibrations" and "Ritual," that are a good example of his reputation for experimentation and drive to take his listeners to new heights. He set up this aural journey to do just that, by smoothly mixing ethereal house and progressive funky breaks with hard trance and techno in a woven texture of melodies and driving tunes. It takes the listener on a chaotic journey, at times, from lulling breaks to flying states, beautifully produced and a sure way to dance in a new day. (Moonshine)