Various Psycho Beach Party Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This CD is a soundtrack to a spoof of '60s beach party movies and is filled out with a few of the heaviest hitters in surf music today. Los Straitjackets, Man or Astro Man? and the Hillbilly Soul Surfers all turn in solid tracks here making for a good surf comp. There are a lot of original score compositions by Ben Vaughn here and these almost outnumber the "band" tracks. The Ben Vaughn stuff is pretty good, has ultra-pro production and seems completely appropriate for such a film, but isn't quite as rocking as the rest of the material. By far the best track here is the frantic Man Or Astro Man? track, "Mermaid Love," which raises the energy of the record ten-fold. Also worth noting is Los Straitjackets' "Tempest" and the sophisticated sax styling of "Bombasteroid." (Unforscene)