Various Pressure Sounds Presents Red Bumb Ball: Rare and Unreleased Rocksteady 1966-8

After there was ska and before there was reggae, there was rocksteady and Red Bumb Ball puts together a collection of 22 top-notch selections that encapsulate this small slice of musical history. There are some big names like Derrick Morgan, Roland Alphonso and the Viceroys, but also some smaller names like Clive and the Consummates. Much slower than ska, but more melodic than reggae, the selections here use minimal instrumentation. All that’s needed to set the stage for some excellent vocals is a solid bass line, simple percussion and off-beat guitars. The influence of U.S. rhythm and blues is heavily felt with a Derrick Morgan cover of "Tears On My Pillow” making that connection obvious. This R&B influence carries over to create a laidback vibe throughout the whole collection, which gives it an excellent flow. If you want to hear some great singers sing some great songs in a rocksteady vein that you’ve never heard before, Red Bumb Ball is an excellent place to do it. (Pressure Sounds)