Various Press Play

A worthwhile compilation from Instinct, one of the more diverse mixed bags that the label has served up as of late. With remixes and original cuts by people like DJ Cam, Kid Loco, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Amon Tobin (during his Cujo days), Press Play is definitely heavy on the goods, with these artists being some of the finest beat manipulators going. Certain tracks from Instinct's archives are dug up yet again and given new life, such as cuts from Mujaji, Saru, and Kruder & Dorfmeister. Even though these tracks have made the rounds, they still hold as being exceptional material and fill in the holes nicely around the less circulated beats. The greatest tracks tend to be some of the re-workings. Shinjú Gumi and Koji Sekiguchi might not be artists that jump right at you, but when they're remixed by the likes of French-based beat makers Kid Loco and DJ Cam, respectively. "Scram," by Curtis and Cujo (Amon Tobin), is definitely a nice little treat for it's not really a track that's made the rounds very much. Definitely on the down-tempo side of things, "Scram" is a lazy horn and piano-driven gem with an added kung-fu sample that fits well with Tobin's Adventure's in Foam release. Another great contribution is Exodus Quartet's "The Far East Coast," which is Eric Hilton, pre-Thievery Corporation, and follows the sound that rings true with him now, with sitar samples blended with hip-hop beats. Press Play is definitely worth looking into for these rare treats alone. (Instinct)