Various Pop Ambient 2007

The next instalment of Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series ushers in its signature penchant for experimentation with space, bringing forth contrasting sonic climates that elicit aural images such as a swarm of a thousand butterflies to radio transmitters on Earth picking up signals of a banging dance club from another planet. In Marcus Guentner’s "Altocomulus Opacus,” the lush fullness of undulating synths develop into a dreamy, slow motion melody. Gas’s "Nach 12” steadily pulses its way through a good seven minutes and is on par with some of best ambient beat technicians, such as Plastikman, Aphex or Theorem. Thomas Fehlmann’s "Next to the Field” begins and ends with the gentle plucking of strings and Triola’s "Das Wunder der Kulperhütte” sounds like distant symphonies awash in blissful drones. Each listen immerses you in a bubble of timeless amniotic music where the developments in each song are ever so subtle, rendering the blink of an eye an eternity. (Kompakt)