Various The Polygon Minute

If you’re into making mixed tapes for your friends, then you’ll run into the problem of what to do next when there’s only a minute or so of tape left to fill. The Polygon Network, a Halifax-based online resource for electronic musicians, has tackled this problem by releasing a 48-song compilation of complete one-minute tracks by the who’s who of Atlantic Canada’s electronic community. The results range from noisy electro-pop and mental mash-ups to the sublime. Esten Gerriets’ effected guitar work on "I Came in 60’s” has a particularly elegant and delicate feel. Brasshole’s "Mookie” also has a retro down-tempo vibe, reminiscent of Money Mark’s Hammond, while Andrew Duke’s "Cookies for Oscar” scratches that experimental glitch techno itch. One minute goes by quickly, and it’s hard to develop a piece of music in that time, so the simplest tracks on this comp tend to stand out. The Polygon Minute is a nice introduction to what’s going on out East. (The Polygon Network)