Various 'Peg City Skank

As you can probably tell from the name, 'Peg City Skank is a collection of ska from Winnipeg. Most bands on the comp contribute two or three tracks and are entirely new for most. To be honest, 'Peg City Skank is hit and miss, but mostly miss; some bands were good, some were generic and some were just hard to listen to. I guess that's to be expected with a compilation of this order, though. For the most part, the bands all played a poppy two-tone style of ska, with one dub-style song from ex-Whole Lotta Milka member Greg Crowe being a notable exception. The Racketeers (now defunct) also provide a couple interesting tracks. Overall, though, there is nothing outstanding about 'Peg City Skank, but it was interesting to see that the scene is thriving in Manitoba. (Bacteria Buffet)