Various Paz e Futebol

Is there any easier compilation to assemble than a collection of classic soulful Brazilica? If you’re a collector at all, your main task is to avoid duplication with other compilations. The seemingly bottomless pit of soulful sounds from Brazil has certainly not reached "peak oil.” This collection gets the thumbs up, mostly on the strength of the wide time span that Jazzanova bring to the project, bouncing around seamlessly from the ’60s to the ’80s. More than anything, this compilation shows the timelessness of MPB from its evolution from bossa nova, through samba soul and into the post-acid jazz age in which Jazzanova has played a big part. About the only thing that isn’t successful is the theme itself. Copping its title from Marcos Valle’s poptastic opener, the "Futebol” theme doesn’t reappear at all on the rest of the disc. Curiously, despite the depth of the compilation and the well-considered transitions from the ’60s to the ’80s back to the ’70s, the notes’ suggestion that "the Brazilian genre” (there’s only one?) needs a further "rough guide” approach, seems a little outdated in 2006. But to hear important and "under-comped” artists like Djavan and Copa 7 in a stimulating mix like this is worth the price of admission. (Sonar Kollektiv)