Various Parasol's Sweet Sixteen Volume Two

It's a very simple concept: get together a few record labels (all distributed by the same company), fill a CD with songs from your latest releases and sell it at a discount. Sixteen new songs (and one older, "classic" track) from four record labels, Parasol, Hidden Agenda, Mud and Spur Records. Just to make sure everyone wants one, some of the songs are "exclusives" to the CD, at least for now. There's a good mix of indie pop from right across the spectrum. Based on the songs contained within, it would appear that Bettie Serveert have lost their edge and their new album could hardly be called the pinnacle of their career, that Vitesse really, really love their synthesisers a whole lot, and that the whole world should be sad that Sarge broke up. In the quirky cover version department, the highlight comes via Angie Heaton and Bob Kimball, whose strummed, harmonica-ised take on the Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen In Love?" actually works really well. Even Bikeride's "Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow" and Autoliner's "Outdoor Miner" aren't that bad at all. It's a decent sampler disc that will probably make you explore at least some of the bands a little bit further. (Parasol)