Various Out of the Darkness (A Tribute to New Math)

In 1982, there was a surging horror punk movement with the likes of the Misfits, 45 Grave and the New Math. Today, the Misfits are still here, and the New Math has reformed to finish what they started. And what better way to show appreciation to the New Math then a tribute EP of Reanimator bands covering their songs. The compilation is raised from the dead by the likes Jackson Phibes (Forbidden Dimension madman), who performs a ghoulishly delicious rendition of "They Walk Among You." Mr. Phibes is then pursued by the Afterlife Symphony, who fall back into their grave due to a really horrendous recording, and the Green Goblyn Project, who have the potential to rock the zombies into submission but don't quite do it here. Thankfully, side two revives the spirit of this record as the Vladimirs put in a gothic monster rock version of "Invocation." The crypt is then closed by the ass-kicking '77 punk power of Mazinga with "American Survival." With three out of five tracks being keepers, one would say it's not a bad tribute at all. (Reanimator)