Various One Year & A Day — The 5inch Files

One Year & A Day consists of ten phenomenal tracks by experimental hip-hop producers, which are available in two distinct formats. The album is available as a free download from the Equinox website and it has also been released as a strictly limited edition box set of five five-inch records. One Year & A Day is a great collection, beginning with a juggled up jam by Toronto’s Vangel, "Wake Up.” Misanthrop’s "Commercialism” is a dirty, grinding track offset by a cute melodic sample of a girl singing. Scientist’s "Rewind and Refine” is built on an old school drum loop and hyped up bass groove with stellar scratch effects complementing the rhythms. Smokey131’s delicious "I Got To Keep On Searchin’” and J.Baracuz’s "Yellow Cab” are melancholy jazzy tracks, the latter with a vicious wail lifted from what sounds like a pre-pubescent Michael Jackson. My favourite cut on the album is B-Ju’s "Soja Extra,” a twisted track that underpins emotive violins playing the theme from Koyaanisqatsi with a filthy bass line. The only thing that sucks about these songs is that they’re quite short, most hovering around the two-minute mark, in order to be mastered properly onto the five-inch vinyl release, but I guess that gives aspiring DJs and remixers an excuse to chop up and extend their faves for club and mixed-tape use! (Equinox)