Various Once Upon A Time At King Tubby's

Pressure Sounds' latest compilation comes off like a superb blog post. The players, the rhythms and many of the songs from this collection are reasonably well known by reggae fans but the new wrinkle is the story that links it all together — the feud between two of Jamaica's most popular DJs, which very much prefigured later feuds in hip-hop. Back in 1974/'75, rivals I Roy and Prince Jazzbo took shots at each other over some of the era's toughest roots rhythms, aided and abetted by the era's premier hit-maker: Bunny Lee. The tempest-in-a-teapot reason for the conflict is less important than the barrage of improvised insults flung each other's way. The record-buying public couldn't get enough of this snit and snapped up each new answer record as soon as they became available. This is a snapshot into the creative process/assembly line that Lee had with King Tubby as his mixing and dub engineer. I Roy slays Jazzbo every time on this slice of proto-dancehall history. (Pressure Sounds)