Various Nude Dimensions 2

While Naked Music has a rep for putting out some of the hottest dance floor hits of recent years, like "Sweeter Love" and "Music & Wine," Mauricio Aviles's continuous-mix on this second instalment of the Nude Dimensions series isn't something you throw in the disc-changer at a house party. His selection of hydraulic grooves seems to be made more for horizontal, rather than vertical, motion. The bass is thick and plush, the drums are deep, sweetened with some finely tweaked atmospherics over the top. In classic Naked Music style, the set builds on the intertwined themes of love as spirituality and sex as sensuality, juxtaposing Bougie Soliterre's "Superficial" with Blue Six's "Pure" at the start. The vibe stays smooth throughout, but picks up mid-way through as Diane Charlamagne (of Goldie fame) wails through the rosy layers on "Losing Control" and Miguel Mig petal-pushes MJ Cole's "UK Gism" on "Sincere" into the form of an ethereal anthem. Toronto's Siren brings out the guitars on "Big Ben" for a solo that just shines over the track's early '90-style tribal groove and oddly enough, the Megacity gets further props with the appearance of Dino and Terry's dub of "Could You Love Me" and Lisa Shaw's "Always." The latter, with its precious treatment of the lyric "I'm so into you," is one of the most beautiful moments in deep house music of the past decade. (Naked)