Various Nokturnel Mix Sessions featuring OS/2

If you like trance, live in Toronto and you do not know who OS/2 is, you've probably been living under a rock. OS/2, co-owner of Destiny Productions, throws the biggest party on this side of the content, called WEMF or the World Electronic Music Festival, formerly known as the World Trance Festival. Now, to be honest, OS/2 has never impressed me as a DJ, but this CD has totally changed my view. All mixes are imaginative and flawless. Most of the time I could not tell if a mix was coming in or when it ended. The selection and programming is near perfect, keeping a good, solid energy throughout and kept me wanting more. Epic trance at its best gives you both an euphoric feeling and a rush of energy at the same time. If you like any Tiesto mixes, you will love this one. OS/2 also has one of his own tracks, which he produced with Chris Liberator. Even though the track produced in part by OS/2 is not all that great, it is a nice thing to see Toronto finally put out original trance instead of relying on the UK. (Topaz)