Various No Retreat/No Surrender

No Retreat/No Surrender is described as "a compilation of Winnipeg bands and more" by Winnipeg punk label 3rd Generation. The CD is 27 tracks of local and Canadian talent ranging from punk to hardcore to ska and even folk. Punk rock, however, is most prominent and the compilation is jam-packed with three-chord, Blink-182 style bands. One of the highlights of the punk rock on the CD is the track by the Pookies, who infuse punk, pop and ska into a two-minute song from their new album, which is also on 3rd Generation. The compilation (which sells for only five dollars) includes three ska bands; The Racketeers, Grandpa's Army and local favourites Whole Lotta Milka. Espionage provides a masterpiece of reggae dub featuring a member of the Pookies on guitar, which is the longest song on the comp, but is arguably one of the best. No Retreat/No Surrender is peppered with folk songs in between the punk rock, including "Waiting Gestures" by Jessika and Joel and acoustic tracks by former members of hardcore group 7-Teen. Most of the bands on this compilation will be unknown to listeners outside of Winnipeg, but with bands from smaller urban centres like Brandon, Dauphin and Portage La Prairie it's also an introduction to talent throughout Manitoba. (3rd Generation)