Various Night and Day

A compilation of tracks that Transient Records is pioneering as "new form" trance: a sound developed from the trance scene as a hybrid crossing over from psychedelic to progressive. "Night" is disc one in this double CD collection and "Day" is disc two. The whole album is the result of many parties and club nights throughout the world of hearing this new sound and reacting to it. "Night," compiled by Mark Allen, is the harder-edged CD, taking from the deep, groovy sounds of Dallas Kiss and Quirk & Slide to the more up front assault of Logic Bomb and Mumbo Jumbo. The second CD, "Day," has been compiled by Transients own in house DJ, Greg Lunar. Following from his last compilation, Transient 8, he moves the sound down to represent the music that he spins during his early morning sets, bringing out the funk with 12 Moons' "The Circle Movement" and Human Blue and Lunar's "Anna Kissed Funk," then pushing it on to classic tribal beats from Hyperion and Filur. I love the concept of Night and Day; two CDs, a progression on many levels, the progression of a trance party from start to finish, night to day, progression of the genre, from heavy on the progressive in "night" to heavier on the psychedelic in "day" (as all good parties should progress). An amazing new sound and a fantastic production and representation of the next leg of the trance journey. (Transien)