Various Nigel Richards, A Commemorative Mix For The Whistle 3 Party

Whistle parties are the premier parties in Philadelphia; Nigel Richards is an in-demand DJ and founder of 611 Records. His mix of funky house is nothing short of amazing, since most house mixes out there are boring. All transitions are bang on and are a great representation of his skill as a DJ. To show off his skills as a producer, Nigel throws down four of his own pieces, all extremely sick. Nice work with layering mixes, also with his fast movement between track, Nigel blows through 18 tracks in one mix. A good variety of house with solid energy throughout. Ranging from disco house, funky house to even a little tech-house, towards the end the mix gets harder and harder, ending off with a hard tech sound and a sample of "Hal" saying "see you later, I get off now." Only a true master DJ who knows his domain could pull such a feat off. (611)