Various New Found Land

Eno-esque Music for Films-era instrumentals are on this recording along with drone rock by three bands including Yellow6, Rothko and Landing. The first two-thirds of the album, are in the instrumental realm featuring lots of lovely guitar work instilling a pensive mood. Electric and acoustic strings are plucked and notes are processed and sustained, creating a sense of continuity. One might call these pieces guitar meditations. It is in the final third of New Found Land that things start to pick up and rock out. Landing plays a heady drone rock style akin to the music of Windy & Carl or the Linger Effect, only vocalists Adrienne and Aaron Snow have lovelier voices. As a fan of Landing and atmospheric music, much of this material is really not New Found Land, thus it would be nice if the artists went out on a limb a little. That being said, it is still very nice music for what it is. (Music Fellowship)