Various Music Is My Art

Ubiquity has been putting out top-quality product of late and this compilation is no exception. Montreal based art collective HVW8 have been turning heads with their distinctive artwork for a few years now and now the same can be definitively said of their musical taste. The broken beat, soul and hip-hop tracks featured here are unified loosely by the progressive approach that runs through them. While established heavyweights and critical darlings like Osunlade ("Tambores te Llaman”) and Plant Life ("Your Love”) serve up trance-inducing house and sticky funk respectively, the real discoveries here are presented from lesser-known artists. Owusu and Hannibal’s "Blue Jay” is a fractured yet beatific soulful entry, while "The Hop” by Radio City flaunts throwback funk flavour. Many of these tracks were selected exclusively for this compilation, so there’s little in the way of cutting room material here as Music Is My Art bears the hallmark of a compilation that’s been fussed over endlessly, keeping up Ubiquity’s high level of quality control. (Ubiquity)