Various Ministry of Sound: Canada

Someone is apparently asleep at the wheel at Ministry of Sound. The super-club "brand" has been faced with shutting down its magazine, and its record labels are in decline, yet they remain eager to expand into new territories, much like a dance music McDonald's. So we get Ministry of Sound: Canada, a compilation that is CanCon only in its selection of DJ compilers. But by picking two residents of Toronto meat market the Docks, a contender for Canada's cheesiest nightclub, they lost what little street cred the Ministry maintained. It's by no means bloodcurdling - remixes of tracks by Layo & Bushwacka!, Basement Jaxx and Green Velvet, plus Toronto house hero Hatiras' "The Anthem," make sure of that - but it's still one of the least imaginative DJ mixes on the market. You'll get more out of downloading the comp's hilarious X-rated online commercial. (Universal)