Various Miditation 2

An aptly titled excursion into atmospheric down to mid-tempo trance flavoured electronica, Miditation 2 reflects the more sensual sonic escapades of a cross-cultural collective of producers. Featuring tracks from the likes of Berlin’s Tom Van Draft, New Zealand’s Max Maxwell, and Greece’s Pridon, Miditation 2 claims to address such esoteric themes as nature, technology and consciousness in art. While that’s a tall order to fill for even the most ambitious electronica, the tracks here exude a dreamy organic vibe amongst mellowed trance based rhythms that are varied, intelligent and cleverly produced. Compiled by Ceiba Records founder Peter Ziegelmeier aka Kode IV, highlights include Maxwell’s opening track "Gypsy RMX,” whose light guitar play over sensual rhythms immediately catches the ear and sets the tone, Shakatura’s spacey "Lucid Dreaming,” and Unadunna’s drum & bass infused "Pitch Black.” All in all Miditation 2 comes across as kind of new age with a groove and makes for easy listening but still exploratory trance. (Ceiba Records)