Various Metal Maniacs Presents... Deranged

Loosely themed as a metal history lesson in 62 minutes, this compilation, like most, proves to be a bore. The inclusion of classics from Megadeth, S.O.D. and Testament are fun, but everyone has these songs in their collections already. Dimmu Borgir and Kittie stick out like a sore thumb, as does Spineshank, Dog Fashion Disco (ugh) and even some of the better bands, such as Pro-Pain and Sixty Watt Shaman, who aren't exactly essential listening for the metal historian. It's pretty useless and with six of the 16 bands included here calling Spitfire home is essentially a label sampler in disguise. Metal Maniacs Presents... Deranged is another compilation destined for the delete bins come winter. (Spitfire)