Various Meditation 2001

The cover proclaims "eleven post-clubbing tranquilisers" and comes with a sticker that exclaims "Chill Out!" Apparently these are ambient pieces to trip out to after a night of twirling glowstix and dancing like a four-year-old who just consumed a fudge bar. These tracks drift their slow dreamy melodies like bubbles in a lava lamp as you stare at the fading embers of light from your glowstix and gulp the last drops from your water bottle at home. But in all seriousness, much of this material is solid ambient music, since Meditations features artists from the eminent Fax Records label such as Spyra and Peter Benisch. The rest of the compilation does well to keep up with the high standards, designed for those who appreciate deep throbbing bass that lulls you into a relaxing state with echoes of voices, piano notes and light rhythms. Despite the clichéd title and cheesy marketing tactics, Meditations is much better than a lot of current schlock trying to pass as ambient. Bad packaging, good content. (Nuff)