Various Mayday! An All Canadian Oi! And Streetpunk Compilation

It’s 2003 and there’s nothing stopping the punk rock pus from oozing out of the garages and into the streets across the Great White North. Naturally, having a resource to turn to for aid in production and distribution of home-grown music definitely keeps the spirit alive and kicking. Thus enters Mayday! Records, a subsidiary of the Union Label Group, and their debut release is a showcase showdown of who’s who in the Canadian punk rock scene. Fundamental in the ball-busting pogo action contained on this sampler are the likes of the Class Assassins, Wednesday Night Heroes, Knucklehead, the Ripcordz (sounding awfully like early Asexuals), the Class, the New Breed, Emergency!, Riot 99, and Ordures Ioniques. Furthermore, the reworking of "Drunken Sailor,” into "Drunken Skinhead,” by the Prowlers, and Angels Saints and Heroes covering, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” are instant oi! classics. Some may say punk has been officially dead and buried for over 20 years but it’d be impossible to tell from listening to this stupendous compilation. (Union)