Various Manoeuvres 2

Manoeuvres 2 showcases West coast rhythms, and artists from Nordic Trax, Nettwerk and Vinyl Republik fill most of its 4/4 roster. House-friendly and relaxed, Manoeuvres 2 is ultra-palatable, if not a little too easy to digest. While undoubtedly there is more originality happening west of the Rockies, Manoeuvres 2 is more about delivering the tried and true. Gavin Fromme’s smooth, conga-laced "Plane Jane” is the most groove defined entry, leaving Trippwire’s retro-house "Noodle Frenzy,” despite its dub tease and Doctor Who synth lines, as mere filler between the pop hook of Christer’s "How You Like It” and the bubbly dub step-lite of Calmalka’s "Cropper.” The rhythmic wash and crunchy audio build of the Hermit’s "Find Someone Who Actually Loves You” is the most adventurous track and after a child choir rock out in Pete Sample’s "All The Kids Smile,” it ends quite predictably with the aural wash of Telefuzz’s "The Ovaltine Prophecies.” (So Called)