Various Leonardo - The Absolute Man Original Cast Recor

The who's who of the current fairy tale prog rock scene has gathered together to do a semi-historical musical based on the life of the world's most famous renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci. The saturnalia fromage-stuffed wizardry of sound is headed by Trent Gardner, who brings Dream Theater's James LaBrie and Kansas' Steve Walsh, amongst others, together to create a full-out movie of the week-style musical affair that is weaker than osteoporosis. You can bet that the synthesiser string sounds are from default presets, and the guitars play along in unison so cheesily that it sounds as if they are attempting to conjure the spirit of Luke Skywalker and seek validation that they are indeed spacey enough. There are moments when hairspray and lasers come out of the speakers, so watch out. Oh, this thing is about DaVinci isn't it? I forgot, I guess I have to go to the library. (Magna Carta)