Various Kicked Outta Purgatory - Psychobilly For Sinners

Although not everything on here qualifies as psychobilly, with a few of these bands sounding like standard new school punk with a dash of twangy guitar, this 27-song international comp has enough good material to satisfy. One third of the bands are from California, but who would of thought that this kind of thing would be around in Ukraine, Switzerland or Brazil? Among the groups on here are Deadbolt, doing a subdued but morbid number called "Billy's Dead," Canada's Deadcats, with "Sex Kitten," and the new goons on the block from Massachusetts, the Kings of Nuthin', with "Livin' Or Dyin'." It's a mix of released and unreleased tracks and fills up almost the whole 74 minutes of this disc. And even though it's uneven, there's still enough interesting stuff going on to keep you listening. (Flying Saucer)