Various James Brown's Funky People Volume 3

A confirmed JB disciple like myself has to take notice upon seeing the title James Brown's Funky People Part 3. Parts 1 & 2, released in '86 and '88, are among the hallowed tributaries of hip-hop. Virtually every track on those two compilations fuelled the sound of hip-hop for the next several years. The breaks in Lyn Collins' "Think About It" and Bobby Byrd's "Hot Pants, I'm Coming" are part of the bedrock of the drum & bass revolution as well. Most gratifyingly, virtually all the artists showcased re-established their careers and remain successful today. As for Part 3, damn! It's like Cliff White, the ever-prescient compiler and liner scribe, went through my collection and decided to reissue accordingly. The CD opens with Kool Moe Dee's "how ya like me now" soundbite, which kicks off the storming "rock" version of "Talking Loud And Saying Nothing," withdrawn from release in 1970. The pace of the comp is excellent, showcasing more late '60s stuff than the first two parts. Rarities like Hank Ballard's "How You Gonna Get Respect" and the Believers "Across the Track" are unearthed for all to behold. More highlights are the discovery of a Bobby Byrd jam with the Bootsy JB's and the Fred Wesley classic "Blow Your Head," without the signature Moog line (from PE's "Public Enemy Number 1"). All told, Part 3 is a great balance between pleasing nerds like me and entertaining any party, any time. (Universal)