Various Invaders

When it was founded, Kemado Records seemed on the brink of becoming a label that was looking to capitalise on the hipster rock revolution. But somewhere along the way, it either got superbly lost or just changed course to discover some of the heaviest, progressive rock bands going, hence this mighty compilation of blasting psych, sludge, doom, power metal and riff rock. The roster is jaw-dropping, as everyone from Comets on Fire and Pelican to Wolfmother and Torche contribute something to the mix that fits like a glove, despite the obvious differences. And while the more established acts like Black Mountain, Dungen and Fucking Champs all turn in noteworthy exclusives, it’s the lesser known acts that give this compilation the quake it promises. Saviours kick-start things with the snarling, riff snortin’ "Circle of Servants Bodies,” which is immediately followed up by the more evil skew of Danava, who come out ablazin’ like Sabbath on a deadly cocktail of speed and ’shrooms. Relatively new Kemado signing the Sword drop their bomb with the pummelling "Under the Bough” and Night After Night teach a lesson in classic rock, tearing the aged genre a new one with the colossal "Backseat Astronaut.” To top it off is the scorching instrumental by Warhammer 48k and the heavy groove of "Parchman Farms’ "Curtis Franklin,” which ends the disc off with something danceable for those who like to spazz out. Invaders is a well-balanced comp that does its job and then some in bringing the heavy thunder it so greatly strived for. (Kemado)