Various Indietronica: Pop + Electronica

Described as "underground connections between pop and electronica,” Sonar Records’ Indietronica compilation gathers an impressive list of indie acts known for their ability to fiddle with electronic gadgets. The names aren’t very surprising: Her Space Holiday, the Notwist, Mouse On Mars and Múm, among others. And while all of those acts supply excellent offerings, it’s other acts that provide the album’s best moments. The Death Cab For Cutie/Beachwood Sparks-affiliated Dntel sees the likes of That Dog’s Rachel Haden and Slint/the For Carnation’s Brian McMahan joining talents on "Why I’m So Unhappy,” for something completely different from their past works. Morr Music’s Lali Puna contribute a wonderfully soothing pop contribution with "Bi-Pet” that is a perfect way to start off the album. The definitive moment and the biggest selling point for most has to be Schneider TM’s instant classic cover of the Smiths’ "There Is A Light That Will Never Go Out.” Retitled "The Light 3000,” it’s a pretty straightforward reworking by the group, featuring well placed glitches and vocodered lyrics. Indietronica is a possible blueprint for where indie pop might be headed, and if it is accurate, what lies ahead is sounding quite nice indeed. (Sonar)