Various If I Was Prince

Samplers, sound effects and funky freak-outs are served hot on this tribute to His Purpleness. Over a backing track from 7 Hurtz producer Lascelles Gordon, Peaches and Bitch Lap Lap (aka Feist) turn "Sexy Dancer" into a naughty prelude to a night out. Simian remakes "Under A Cherry Moon" into a dramatic art-rock cabaret, while Hefner, the best known of these underground electro-poppers, turn "Controversy" into a slow-fi meditation. Most of these trippy interpreters do just that - filtering the long-felt influence of this rock royalty through their own muse, rendering his funk in fresh new forms. Misty Dixon gets the clean-up spot here, taking the most faithful route to "The Beautiful Ones," breathily highlighting a great song's simplicity. If I Was Prince is the best form of tribute - not slavishly recreating the songs, but using the Artist's vision to feed their own. (XL)