Various The HX Project mixed by DJ Alex Lauterstein

This is the first release in a series from the new partnership of HX Magazine and Centaur Entertainment. For nine years, HX Magazine has dished the dirt on the NYC dance, club and gay scenes. This debut comp features up and comer Alex Lauterstein behind the decks and he spins together two CDs of what he feels represents the NYC club experience. The first CD flows in the tribal house vein while the second is lodged firmly in the school of progressive trance. It is no longer enough to compliment a CD on being well mixed, as most are studio produced, so the music really has to be something special to make it stand out, which, unfortunately, this doesn't. It is a solid mix of club anthems and would likely keep you shaking it in a club, but fails to take it to that next level of interest for the home listening experience. This isn't to say that Lauterstein isn't a hottie, but the mix itself is lukewarm. (Centaur)