Various Human Element: The World's First Human Beatbox Compilation

American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis resurrected the art of human beatboxing this past year. And not since Officer Jones of Police Academy has there been a better ambassador of showing the world that making fart sounds can be honed into a talent than this disc. Some great mouth manipulators appear here and as D.R.E.S. says on the dope "Elevation,” "the sounds you hear are 100 percent organic, no samples, no equipment… all voice.” Kmillion proves the point as he mimics beats as diverse Outkast’s "So Fresh, So Clean” and Clipse’s "Grindin’” on "Heat Rocks.” It’s amazing, really, especially when Kris Jung duels an electric guitar on "Liquid Butterfly.” Shorty B freaks "Category 3: Versatility” with a drum & bass-tempo beat that provides, as most of these songs do, an easy listening guide to a lost art of hip-hop culture. This is for the beat lover in you. (108) (108)