Various Homesleephome

Homesleephome is a collection of unreleased tracks, B-sides and rarities from Italy's Homesleep Records. There are also quite a few songs that don't really fall into any of those categories, though. Fortunately, those songs in question are usually by fairly obscure bands on fairly obscure labels, so there's a very good chance most people won't have heard them before. Not surprisingly, Homesleep's own bands are well represented - Yuppie Flu, Mirabilia, Jennifer Gentle and Giardini Di Miro all show up, with only Yuppie Flu contributing a previously released song. Other better known bands include Tram, Quickspace and Creeper Lagoon, but it is the lesser known bands such as Mac Meda and Hirameka Hi-fi that come up with the best stuff on the CD. There's nothing that could be described as absolutely essential on Homesleephome, but anyone looking for a decent way to discover some new and talented bands could do a lot worse than this. Apparently, a second volume is in the works and that one looks even more promising - bands like Luna, Lenola, Fuck, Wisdom Of Harry and Of Montreal are all going to be performing exclusive cover versions for it. (Homesleep)