Various Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

Hitman grandstanding aside, this compilation sharpshooters last Christmas's World Wrestling Federation superstar Steve Austin's Stone Cold Metal album. The bonus here is the snippets of Hart dialog that is scattered throughout the 15-track album. Vancouver rappers the Rascalz use some slick Hart sampling to tombstone pile drive the other musicians with "Sharpshooter (Best of Da Best)." These boys know their wrestling holds better than Insane Clown Posse and every other WWF inspired rapper or metal-head that has ever graced RAW or Smackdown. The gothic styled original score is present on the album, but it has been buried under hardcore champion Rob Zombie's "Superbeast." Gob challenge Zombie's championship with "Self-Apointed Leader," but can't put the big man down. Sadly, there are some shitty cruisers such as Bryan Adams, Lie Detector and Moist. These sorry musicians aren't even worthy of lower card status. Sebadoh ("Flame") should have teamed up with Days of the New ("Touch, Peel & Stand") and booted Adam's, Lie Detector's and Moist's highflying, light-rock right off the compilation. (Unforscene)