Various HF Seven Inches Collection Volume 2

A seven-inch by the underrated Denver, CO-based Catheter kicks off this collection of Headfucker singles, and it’s a wonderful blast of crust punk, raw sludge and grind, done with just the right amount of looseness and attitude. This is totally refreshing in an age of too much production. Then we have a split from Japan’s Unholy Grave and the enigmatic Captain 3 Leg, another Denver group. Unholy Grave play completely unhinged grindcore with nary a production value in sight and several screeching vocalists. Almost to the point of self-parody, this is underground grind at its most unapproachable. In other words, awesome. Captain 3 Leg get even messier, with a slew of unnamed songs racing past the listener in some ludicrous race to a finish line that doesn’t even exist. There are no competitors, there’s no race at all, because this band exist in a vacuum of insane lo-fi noise and grindcore, many vocalists competing for limited space in these glorious bursts of 20-second "songs.” In other words, awesome. (Dracma)