Various Happy 2 B Hardcore Chapter 5, Mixed by Anabolic Frolic

Anabolic Frolic has been credited with bringing the happy hardcore sound to North America from the UK. By opening Nokturnal Records on this side of the content, he was able to get the happy hardcore tracks that were only available in the UK. Even though this is labelled as Chapter 5, it is actually the 13 edition of the series. The new CD is quite surprising to fans of happy hardcore, two tracks were co-produced by Anabolic Frolic and almost all of the tracks are relatively unknown or new. With happy hardcore and pretty much all hardcore on the verge of extinction, a mix like this is always great to hear. Even though the mixes are pretty basic, the track selection and flow are quite good. All in all, it's a great mix for those that like happy hardcore and want to hear the new, hard to find stuff that is coming out. (Moonshine)